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UN -- The end of it self.
A few days ago (11 03 24) at school there was a lecturer holding lecture about the UN and the work it does, the current Arabian revolution, and how "we" can help by not helping.

This lecturer has been an UN-soldier, Worked for the Swedish Military and mush more - he, Per Erik Korsström, Told it straight and with resolve. He "put the cards on the table" as we say in Sweden about the Arabian revolution, how the US helps suppress the people around the world, and why no one is helping in Sudan, Darfur and other places.

The betray of the west.
Was something he spent a long time talking about. It was interesting to hear how the west has betrayed the Arabic world, First after the First World War, Then the creation of the state of Israel, Third the First Gulf War - Not taking out Saddam Hussain when they were so close to Baghdad. The last betray was actually a orderd by Other Arabian states, the general in charge of the first Gulf war was not even American, He was Saudi (or something - I do not quite remember what Korsström said).

The blue berets -- blue helmets -- UN-soldiers.
One interesting thing that he brought up was that the UN-Soldiers are soon gone, there are very few countries that actually send soldiers to do UN-service, Sweden -- My home land -- has no UN-soldiers at all, this is a huge difference between the old war Sweden did things and the new, before we sent of the most soldiers to do UN-service of any country, now non. We have soldiers in other countries, yes, but they are not funder UN flag, but NATO flag. This despite we being officially "alliance free".

End of conscription in Sweden -- a betray against the world.
Korsström argued that the end of conscriptation in Sweden made for more aggressive soldiers, this due to that when they do military service it is not there profession rather a service to the country, or the UN, they do it to help, and so on.
He told us about his experience of Bosnia and how the Swedish peace keepers were kind and respectful to the locals, but the Americans and the British were hostile to everybody. he argued that this was due to that for the Brits and the Americans it was there profession, while the Swedes did this a a service.

The most dangerous leader in the world.
Is, according to Korsström, is Netanyahu (president of Israel). This due to his and the Israeli militarise utter disrespect for UN treaties and there utter disrespect for civilian life.
There are war treaties that that that a military action only has to be as grate as is required, and should be in proportion.
This is something that something that is not the case when it comes to the Israeli militarise raid against Lebanon last year (?) when 5 Israeli soldiers were kidnapped.... the outcome was that 500 Lebanese civilians died, this is not in proportion, and is a war crime.
why has not any Israeli leaders been taken before the court in Haag? simple: the veto of the USA (period).

The USA is not the only one who does not want interference in different conflicts around the world, China and Russia are vetoing against many interventions around the world.
End notes

Here is two interviews with him ( in Swedish) and to give you a better wive of who he is.

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