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"It is over, man is over!"

Why religions has to die, and what it will do to us as a species

I hate dislike religion as many of you already know. And I want it to disappear, become a footnote in an obscure past, not something we have to contend with now in this time and age, the age of reason. That is why I will first give religion merit for what it has done to us as a species.

The good

Stability in early homo sapient society, with out the stabilising force of religion I think that it would have been feasible to have created the society that we see to day. With out this stability we would not have seen think like the Grate Pyramids of Giza, the Sistine Chapel, or the Pyramids of the Aztec and Inca.

No I can only give credit to religions to make people do this.

Science would not have come in to being without the stability that was offered by religion, just think of who made the early scientific discoveries, they were of high statue even before there discoveries (or least of higher class then the mob) , this due to the eco-socio stability that religion gave. (I am talking about the 14-18-hundreds here, I know that there were even earlier discoveries then that, but those have been past to obscurity, only to be rediscovered)

The bad

I talked about eco-socio stability before, now think of who had to pay for this, was it the church? the priests? the upper class?

No, it was the lower class that has been pushed into there boots and the ground from religious bigots and religion.

Well the problem still is here, look out of the window and you will see people who are oppressed by there religion, be it women in burkas or hidjabs, or the cut Jewish boy, or the catholic girl who has been told that she is going to hell, or is possessed by the devil.

To tell there children what is right and wrong is good, but when you start mixing in religion you are just a fakking child molester, a torturer, you fakking swine!

Religion - Treat it like it's your genitalia. Don't show it off in public and don't shove it down your children's throats.

The Ugly

So what will come after region? Will it be more peaceful?

I do not know what will come after religion, I highly doubt that religion will ever be nullified, I see it only as a goal to reach for, to lessens its influence over people.

Wars will still happen, it it unavoidable that it will, be it over the slavery of sentient robots (ref: Alistair Reynolds - Revelation Space series - Conjurers) or "my mum told me you were a ugly swine", it will happen.

Will war be more frequent?
hell no! There will be no religious zealots in office that think that they have a direct phone line to (the) god(s).

So what will replace religion?
I suspect that there will be a now rise of ideology as religions diminish.

will there be less idiots?
ehh.... you are reading my blog, I think you know the answer to that one.

hay mr talaban turn over bin ladi... oh wait...

"I do not see my self as a racist, but some times you just have to look at statistics"

Islamic cultural terrorism


living in tho matrix

"‪Has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?

The Typematix 2030.

So As some of you may know I suing a Typematrix keyboard (since December 2010 CE) and is is the bomb I tell you.
the enter in the middle and the non-staggered keys... and the...

But relay, what do I think about it? Was it worth the hefty amour of money? and has my tying improved?

I like it, I like it a lot, I never though that I would like a non-mechanical keyboard, but I do. I like this one. it is quiet and it has a good key size, not to big not to small.

I thought that the absent of a num-pad would suck, but it rely is no use for it when you have the keys on top.

has my typing improved over my old G15? I like to think so, but I still have not gotten up to speed with touch typing. I truly suck at it. and that was true on the G15 too.

Am I more accurate with the Typematrix 2030?
No. I still have a hard time remembering where the keys are. this is even more true on a standard OWERTY keyboard.

Worth it? perhaps, I can now type without hand strains, but I still have an old OWERTY habit: pressing space with my index finger. But to be serius: no I do not think it was worth the money, I could have gotten a Happy Hacker Keyboard, But they do not have the svorak layout on the keys. So I will stick with this one till it dies on me.

One other thing I like is the Silicone Skin, makes cleaning a lot easier.

Over all:
Worth it: 6-7/10
Quality: 9/10