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The Typematix 2030.

So As some of you may know I suing a Typematrix keyboard (since December 2010 CE) and is is the bomb I tell you.
the enter in the middle and the non-staggered keys... and the...

But relay, what do I think about it? Was it worth the hefty amour of money? and has my tying improved?

I like it, I like it a lot, I never though that I would like a non-mechanical keyboard, but I do. I like this one. it is quiet and it has a good key size, not to big not to small.

I thought that the absent of a num-pad would suck, but it rely is no use for it when you have the keys on top.

has my typing improved over my old G15? I like to think so, but I still have not gotten up to speed with touch typing. I truly suck at it. and that was true on the G15 too.

Am I more accurate with the Typematrix 2030?
No. I still have a hard time remembering where the keys are. this is even more true on a standard OWERTY keyboard.

Worth it? perhaps, I can now type without hand strains, but I still have an old OWERTY habit: pressing space with my index finger. But to be serius: no I do not think it was worth the money, I could have gotten a Happy Hacker Keyboard, But they do not have the svorak layout on the keys. So I will stick with this one till it dies on me.

One other thing I like is the Silicone Skin, makes cleaning a lot easier.

Over all:
Worth it: 6-7/10
Quality: 9/10


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