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"There is always a better way"
-- Someone

I made some nice Vala tutorials

Short story long: I was on Youtube to look if anyone had made any tutorials on Vala, I saw none so I decided to make a few.

That is fine and dandy, but I have a problem: no one comments with questions. So here I am asking who ever is reading this to give me a subject to work with, and if anyone wants to collaborate on a set of videos.

The play list so fas can be found here.

And as (not) always, Comments are welcome!


Ps. MathJax still work? \[ A_{1} \cup A_{2} \cup A_{3} \cup \ldots \cup A_{n} \Leftrightarrow \displaystyle\bigcup_{i=1}^{n} A i \]


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"Life is short" -- someone

The deadpool of vala

Here are a few of deadpool vala-projects that I think should have been saved and continued:

  • Valum
  • valum was an attempt at creating a webframework for Vala. Valum could have made vala a realy useful lanuage on the web.
  • Dova
  • Dova was an attempt at creating a new type-system for vala that did not depend on GObject. The problem with GObject is that it is so "stuck" in the C world, whilst Dova was written in Vala and was not uncombed as much with the C world.

There are probobly some other projects that need to be revived, and if so past a comment bellow with the project name and what it was suppose to do.

On the subject of vala projects, I have been working on a reimplimentation of javas processing library in vala, I call my project vProcessing (vala Processing). It is written in vala and utilises SDL (Simple Direct Media Layer) for rendering, but my goal is to have the code as backend specific as possible, so it that at a later date there could be a change of backends if needed.

Well I need some help with vProcessing in that I have a general idea but no idea as to what the class structure should look or what is needed.


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"[...] Pi is still wrong! [...]"
-- Vi Hart

Happy half tau day!

So today is the infamous Half Tau Day... and as is compulsatory on this day you have to see Vi Harts "Pi is still wrong" video.


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The sky calls to us -- Carl Sagan

What saddens me

It just truck me, that there are not that many people left in the world that can move us to tears over the beauty of nature, that can make us humble to the unimportance of the human species in the grand schema of thing. We are just an eye blink to the universe, not even that.

Carl Sagan has been dead for some time now, he died 1996 CE. Christopher Hitchens died 2011 12 15.

Those who do remain are old, they are, perhaps the last great philosophers of science, The last debaters of reason, the last to give science the place it deserves in popular media. This saddens me.

The rise of extremism and anti science policy around the world is frightening, it is in times like these when we need to stand on the barricades and speak... but what if no one is able to speak in a way that makes people think? -- This is why we NEED these people who can speak, who can move our non-existent soles to what this world is.

I would like the world to listen to the last philosophers of science, debaters and scientists of the era, to give it a thought and do what is right. Not to do what you are told by some desert scribblings.

There are new philosophers of this era, but they are drowning in a sea of the mass media, they drown in the noise of social media. They are drowning, we are drowning in stupidity of the religious.

One last thing: Be good for goodness sake, not out of ph34r.

Look what I found: it is Neil deGrasse Tyson on the subject:


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"well shit.."

Shit is not a swear word!

I come from the word "shit" is not considers a swear word.

I was on IRC today, on #ubuntu-offtopic on Freenode to be precise, and I said "shit", Well guess what, some person was like "Watch your language". I am so pissed when people say that SHIT is a swear ward that I always blow a fuse. b/c "shitting" is some thing we do! And why the fuck should they care? "It is in the rules", well, Why? "cus it is..".... WHY?!?!? any normal human above the age of five knows this word! How the fuck are you "protecting"? There are no 4 year olds an fucking IRC! How could there be?

Gawd damn it, English world, You have to make my life so fucking hard. I mean come on, "Shit" is something that is so low on my list of swear words that it is not one.

"Fuck" is a swear word, "shit" is not. Get your facts straight fucking moralist.

Something thot may, or may not help my case:

More on "correctness":


Test of MathJax

\[ E_q=\frac{(\frac{x}{y})}{x} \] source:


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"There is one thing I realy hate and that is ...." -- your Mom

My rewive of G+: Why it will phail.

So, I have never been a liker of FaceBook, so I tryed this G+ thing... And I must say "I am not impressed".
G+ has a few flaws:

  • It is not User Friendly, is what I see when peopel use FaceBook too...
  • There is no StatusNet (or Dispora) integratien/connection, This is a BIG flaw..
  • But what will make G+ die?: It is not Federated... That is THE problem with G+
  • Why is Federation so Imprtant?

    This has to do with the user freedom, and the non-vonrability of the system. Take for example StatusNet, When Identi.ca went down for 3 days, the rest of StatusNet did bearly notice it, exept that there were less posts in the stream, But there instance of it was up and running, and they could make posts to other nodes in the network.

    User control of data is an other big thing, when it is Federated you can pull all your posts and push it to a diffrent provider that runs the same software, and you would not notice (much), all your subscriptiions are all ther, all your posts (but not your subscribers). And you would have Control over that data. Hey there is an application for pulling the ActivityStream from your Identi.ca... but back to topic...

    And one of the things that make StatusNet better then G+ or any other site: Groups, This is not present on Twitter or G+. Not to talk about that there is no diffrent between Subscriptions and Friennds. And the name "Follow"? am I a facking stalker? No, I want to subscribe to a person, not "follow" them.

    Why not just use Facebook?


  • It is not federated, I have no control over any part of the data, all your data that you put on FB is not your data, not your pictures, not your ideas... They belong to Mark Zuckerberg. He has 100% right to copy, edit, and refoctor any port of the data you put on there, it is his content, not yours.
  • Your mom is on there.... I do not like her....
  • that is all....