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The deadpool of vala

Here are a few of deadpool vala-projects that I think should have been saved and continued:

  • Valum
  • valum was an attempt at creating a webframework for Vala. Valum could have made vala a realy useful lanuage on the web.
  • Dova
  • Dova was an attempt at creating a new type-system for vala that did not depend on GObject. The problem with GObject is that it is so "stuck" in the C world, whilst Dova was written in Vala and was not uncombed as much with the C world.

There are probobly some other projects that need to be revived, and if so past a comment bellow with the project name and what it was suppose to do.

On the subject of vala projects, I have been working on a reimplimentation of javas processing library in vala, I call my project vProcessing (vala Processing). It is written in vala and utilises SDL (Simple Direct Media Layer) for rendering, but my goal is to have the code as backend specific as possible, so it that at a later date there could be a change of backends if needed.

Well I need some help with vProcessing in that I have a general idea but no idea as to what the class structure should look or what is needed.

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