The Paper Crane and the Vast Ocean of Space

The sky calls to us -- Carl Sagan

What saddens me

It just truck me, that there are not that many people left in the world that can move us to tears over the beauty of nature, that can make us humble to the unimportance of the human species in the grand schema of thing. We are just an eye blink to the universe, not even that.

Carl Sagan has been dead for some time now, he died 1996 CE. Christopher Hitchens died 2011 12 15.

Those who do remain are old, they are, perhaps the last great philosophers of science, The last debaters of reason, the last to give science the place it deserves in popular media. This saddens me.

The rise of extremism and anti science policy around the world is frightening, it is in times like these when we need to stand on the barricades and speak... but what if no one is able to speak in a way that makes people think? -- This is why we NEED these people who can speak, who can move our non-existent soles to what this world is.

I would like the world to listen to the last philosophers of science, debaters and scientists of the era, to give it a thought and do what is right. Not to do what you are told by some desert scribblings.

There are new philosophers of this era, but they are drowning in a sea of the mass media, they drown in the noise of social media. They are drowning, we are drowning in stupidity of the religious.

One last thing: Be good for goodness sake, not out of ph34r.

Look what I found: it is Neil deGrasse Tyson on the subject:

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