The Paper crane and the bottle

"well shit.."

Shit is not a swear word!

I come from the word "shit" is not considers a swear word.

I was on IRC today, on #ubuntu-offtopic on Freenode to be precise, and I said "shit", Well guess what, some person was like "Watch your language". I am so pissed when people say that SHIT is a swear ward that I always blow a fuse. b/c "shitting" is some thing we do! And why the fuck should they care? "It is in the rules", well, Why? "cus it is..".... WHY?!?!? any normal human above the age of five knows this word! How the fuck are you "protecting"? There are no 4 year olds an fucking IRC! How could there be?

Gawd damn it, English world, You have to make my life so fucking hard. I mean come on, "Shit" is something that is so low on my list of swear words that it is not one.

"Fuck" is a swear word, "shit" is not. Get your facts straight fucking moralist.

Something thot may, or may not help my case:

More on "correctness":

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