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My rewive of G+: Why it will phail.

So, I have never been a liker of FaceBook, so I tryed this G+ thing... And I must say "I am not impressed".
G+ has a few flaws:

  • It is not User Friendly, is what I see when peopel use FaceBook too...
  • There is no StatusNet (or Dispora) integratien/connection, This is a BIG flaw..
  • But what will make G+ die?: It is not Federated... That is THE problem with G+
  • Why is Federation so Imprtant?

    This has to do with the user freedom, and the non-vonrability of the system. Take for example StatusNet, When Identi.ca went down for 3 days, the rest of StatusNet did bearly notice it, exept that there were less posts in the stream, But there instance of it was up and running, and they could make posts to other nodes in the network.

    User control of data is an other big thing, when it is Federated you can pull all your posts and push it to a diffrent provider that runs the same software, and you would not notice (much), all your subscriptiions are all ther, all your posts (but not your subscribers). And you would have Control over that data. Hey there is an application for pulling the ActivityStream from your Identi.ca... but back to topic...

    And one of the things that make StatusNet better then G+ or any other site: Groups, This is not present on Twitter or G+. Not to talk about that there is no diffrent between Subscriptions and Friennds. And the name "Follow"? am I a facking stalker? No, I want to subscribe to a person, not "follow" them.

    Why not just use Facebook?


  • It is not federated, I have no control over any part of the data, all your data that you put on FB is not your data, not your pictures, not your ideas... They belong to Mark Zuckerberg. He has 100% right to copy, edit, and refoctor any port of the data you put on there, it is his content, not yours.
  • Your mom is on there.... I do not like her....
  • that is all....

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