The paper crane and the abyss of terror.

"I Have a dark secret"
-- Someone

On the bombing in Boston.

I have not been watching or listening to the news these last few days, I must admit. But I have been on G+ and watched others react: some were horrified some were concerned, not only for those that lost limb and life and the possibility of it happening again, but also of the apparent overreaction of the authorities.

This last point is where I will start.

If I were the bomber

What was strange with this bombing was that no one claimed responsibility when it happened, so it was not rely an act of terrorism in that sense. That made me think that this was a lone crazy person (or a few).

It turned out that this was the work of an Islamist, young and disillusioned. more on this from ThunderF00t: here .

Any way... If I were the bomber, and I was a lone, crazy person, I would have been trilled to see the reaction of the authorities. A few dead and hurt is one thing, but having the whole city turned into a war-zone like place would have made me exalted because I would have caused fear and a living hell for the people in the city. Not only that but the loss to the economy would be great too. I would have won.

That is the point: the bomber won and the authorities lost, big.

The fact that he was arrested is of little importance here, the bomber won.

Why bombs?

The reason why bombs are so widely used by terrorists and other nutters is twofold: 1) confusion and 2) chock and awe.

The confusion caused by a bomb is a bit thrilling for the bomber, it makes it hard for authoresses to gather a comprehensive picture of what happened. And a clever bomber would have placed bombs in such a way that when paramedics arrive they are taken out causing more confusion.

Shock and Awe is something that is at the root of some acts of terror, it is the act of trying to make the target (be it a city, a state or a person) come around to your point of view. This is why Islamist terrorists are use bombs, they see it as a good way to chock (and awe) people into submission.

Aft word

I think I should make it clear that I think that bombing people is an act of cowardice. I do not condone the killing of others, at all for the matter (well perhaps a few).

So, what is my dark secret? I can put myself in the shoes of a mad man with his mind set on destruction. The colour red for anger, green for envy and black for murder is all they can see.

That is my secret.

Also: The latest Doctor Who was awesome.

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