"I do not consider my self a racist" -- me

Tow days after the event in Norway

I was listening to what the panel on TV (Watching NRK via SVT) had to say after the event in Norway yesterday, and I was chocked at what they had to say about the assailant. He seemed to have had some of the same thoughts as I had once and that made me think.

Could That guy, the assailant, have been me? some one who is outspoken against terror and Islam (not Muslims in general)?

It could have... but I am against needless killings, so no.

I do not think that there is anything wrong with the basic idea of multiculturalism, but I am against the phear that people have of offending others, that is what I am against.

I mean I love my dömer kebab with chips, and I think that some of the Middle Eastern, Asian, or African girls can be quite cute.

What I am against is what I have always been against: fear of offending, fear of telling people how things are and how stupid they are for believing the shit they do.

And I am against indoctrination, this is the worst of em all, kids are led to believe that there is a cosmic dictatorship that will punish them if they disobey, it is terrorism of children, and I call it child abuse, I even want to put it at level with sexual abuse of someone in a position of dependence.

And btw, the assailant was Christian, I am not.

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