I think I should clarify what I saied in the last blag post...


>"I do not consider my self a racist" -- me

This is true

>*Tow days after the event in Norway*

>I was listening to what the panel on TV (Watching NRK via SVT) had to say after the event in Norway yesterday, and I was chocked at what they had to say about the assailant. He seemed to have had some of the same thoughts as I had once and that made me think.

>Could That guy, the assailant, have been me? someone who is outspoken against terror and Islam (not Muslims in general)?

I am also against Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism etc etc.
This is due to what I think of religion. Religion is a way of controlling people, but have we not advanced from the savage ways of religion?

>It could have... but I am against needless killings, so no.

>I do not think that there is anything wrong with the basic idea of multiculturalism, but I am against the phear that people have of offending others, that is what I am against.

Nothing to add here.

>I mean I love my dömer kebab with chips, and I think that some of the Middle Eastern, Asian, or African girls can be quite cute.

mmmmmm kebab... And females of the species Homo Sapient are good too.

>What I am against is what I have always been against: fear of offending, fear of telling people how things are and how stupid they are for believing the shit they do.

I wish that I was brave eghnuff.... sigh why con you not spell enough as it sounds?

>And I am against indoctrination, this is the worst of em all, kids are led to believe that there is a cosmic dictatorship that will punish them if they disobey, it is terrorism of children, and I call it child abuse, I even want to put it at level with sexual abuse of someone in a position of dependence.

>And btw, the assailant was Christian, I am not.

Atheist... if you do not get the gist of what I am tellin ya.

Side note

I relay need an apartment in and/or around Skövde...

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