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"Science is the shit" -- someone.

On Science

I was watching a rerun (I think) about Science Journalism, and one of the people speaking (a reporter from The Guardian) talked about the necessity of science and and why we need to make it interesting to people in the larger world, and tell them "You can not live without science!". He also talked about the partnership between them and Ten Alps on a project called Newton.tv (but that is another story).

Back to topic!

I have heard people say shit like: "Why should we spend this huge about of money on Science when there are people starving?" My answer is rely not that politicly correct: "you look to short sighted on the problem, we need science to solve the problems at hand, we need to educate people in what is wrong with the way they do things and to give them the mental tools to make there own future and to help the spices as a howl to evolve" (not maybe this well formulated or this long, but the gizt of it).

And I sometimes chock myself with thoughts like: "Why should we help them? They are enpoveraged and can not see the things they do wrong, why give live to 10 kids when you can barley feed yourself?"

But then I remind myself that theese are humans too... They are just less educated and are religious, which makes them more vulnerable to irrational beliefs which leads to lower education.... and so the wheel of enpoveragment spins.

No the only whay to "save the world" is to (let me borrow a quote from the Qatar fond (I think)) "Help people help them self" using science as the path we all must walk, even if we trample on some tows on the way.

Love Gego XAREN

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