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Tell we what to write about

So I have not posted here in a while, well I have University to attend and such, so I do not get so much free time/spare biological prepossessing power to think about random shit I find.

So I give you a challenge:
Tell me what to write about.

If that does not work then here is today topic:

The fall of youtube

You see that quote at the top?

Well that is how I feel when I now go to youtube, there is no longer any debates or flame wars on youtube, this is like what I thought youtube was never going to be, large corporate channels and dumb entertainment.

I mean, I basicly now only go to youtube to watch the yogscast play MineCraft. Where are all the heroes of old? Where is edible napalm and the gang now? where is the debate? Has the trolls in us gone to sleep? Tell me.

I loved the old youtube, without all the crap, now the top and featured videos are not by Edward Current or CapnOAwesome (We miss you Kevin <3, and the world needs you).. no now music videos are at the top.

This is saddening to me, it was like when I thought that the Tribes Universe was dead, But now I see hope in Tribes: Ascend and Tribes Universe, but there is no Linux Client as it seems now. (back on track!).

I think that the debate started to die when CapnOAwesome left[1]. The steam went out of the balloon so to say. When two peopel on the same side start to fight, it became uncomfortable.

Then youtube made a redesign, making small channels hard to see, and that is concreted though newer versions of youtube.

So for the love of all that is good, Google fix youtube, have a now system where small channels get pushed to the top in a "new channel" section or have a "Debated videos" section.

Just sayin.

And to round of this post, here is ThunderF00ts take on this:

[1] I reject you reality and substitute my own.

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