"Don' fukk with the internet..."

"Don't fuck with the internet, it will fuck you so hard that you will die from rectal bleeding"
-- anon

A Manifest for the Internet

In recent time the Usage of LOIC's, botnets and Script kiddy's nifty scripts has made the internet a hole of rabid fuck tards.

I think that what you sow you reap, so the attacks on PayPal, MasterCard, and Visa is what is to be expected of the citizens of the internet. Me may not have built the net, but we inhabit it, and as such we have a right to do what we can to show our discontent with corps and law makers trying to close it down, people are just doing what they can to support a cause.

if this continues then i am afraid that the masses can no longer just stand by and do nothing, it is our future as a people at stake, we the citizens of the internets will develop now weapons to fight you, you who hate what the internet stands for, you ... you...

but I digress.

we the citizens of the internet has
gathered around the banners of The Anonymous and the idea of free speech, where WikiLeaks is one of the pillars that holds the banners of free speech highest.

this is a war that those who want to close down the internet can not and must not win, if that happens then all hell will brake loose and people will fire ion cannons at each other, harpoons will smash server infrastructure to hell and back.

the internet is the one force you can not take on, law makers, it will not sit idly by and watch as all that we have built being destroyed.

back to wikileaks: the attack on Swedish Prosecution Agancy (ÅklagarMyndigheten) was not IMHO a grate idea. it only makes the opponent stranger. We are talking rape allegations here, it is nothing to take lightly, and found to be true we can not tAake the highground and use LOICs against law makers. but we need some one that can pick up the banner from the aches and start anew.

so remember: do not fuck with the internet, it will fuck you 5 times harder.

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