Terror in the homeland.

Let me just say that when i heard about the suicide bomber in the capital reacted with " a what it the what now?" and when I heard that the bomber did not kill anyone i think i said "What an Epic Phail".

now, almost a week later....
I was listening to the radio on the way home and i was listening to P1:s "medierna" ( the media) (i think the show is called) and they were talking to some one from SÄPO (security police) about there now report that just come out about "violence seeking Muslims", the report stated that it was not the ideology that drew people violent but rather that violent people were drawn to violent organisations that may or may not be Islamic in nature. they mode an example where one of the subject in the report was a neo-Nazi before joining one of these organisations.

so where would I as a liberal, left-ish, darwanistic, atheistic, anti-religious, anti-deterministic human see my selfe in this?
I could see my self in many of the examples of what would trigger a person to become a terrorist or some one who would be seeking myself to organisations like these.
and that bothers me... Am I only labelling myself something become I want to be port of something? Am I that seared by the genes in me that i seek belonging? perhaps....

I have some times wanted to start a bloody revolution against religion, but not any longer, I rather have the position that If the religions mob wants blood they will get it, there own*. this may be a irrational wives, I can see it, but it is what I sometimes feel.

When i was young I was violent, but i have now, for the most part, been able to control my violence, and i now sometimes let my frustration out via phaild jokes or surfing the intrawebz. thinking and reading has also been a good thing to make me better at controlling my feelings.

I neither want violence or condone it, but I can see that it is sometimes necessary, but only in extreme cases, where all of the negotiating skills will not do to make people get along.

Reworking of surveillance laws
"Those who would give up Essential Liberty to purchase a little Temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety." -- Benjamin Franklin
A member et the Social democratic party here in Sweden has said that the social democrats should tear up the now standing FRA-Lagen** and give the right to SÄPO to monitor, and bug people with out any suspicion of crime. and i think that this is just a non issue; just give them the right to monitor the web with trawling scripts, this would be more efficient then actual monitoring of all traffic that is out there. what i mean is that a fakking 15 yo scriptkiddie can make a (few) trawling script that could monitor the internet better then any "real" monitoring could.

That is it from me, and watch out for the LOICs.

* "I will fight for this secular state, the values that comes with a secular worldwide and the understanding that we got from science.... I would stand on the barricades, if need be, with a rifle in my hands, fighting for humanity against religion." -- one of the thought that I once had and that has stuck in my mind.

** FRA-Lagen, a surveillance law that treats what rights the military surveillance agency (FRA) has to monitor cable (internet, phone and sms) traffic. giving them right to have surveillance of incoming and transit but not internal traffic.

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