Time problem.

"We are biological machines" -- someone

The problem I have with the idea of reincarnation is the time scale that this universe has, it is fakking old, it is between 13 and 14 billion years old.
When in this time did the sole come in to existence?
In the initial expanion of time/space, in the moments there after when matter won over anti matter, when the galaxies formed, when the Tellus accreted out of the proto solar system we live in, when the first proto cells started to consume energy, when the first beings that fall under the family of Homo started to walk the earth, when Homo Sapiens left Africa? when?
Humans has only existed for a trillionth of the time this universe has.(the first life forms started to emerge about 1 billion years ago, and we, Homo Sapiens, have only existed for not even one ppm of the time life has.)

An other thing that many people do not take in to consideration is that all life on this planet is connected, does that mean that plants has souls too? it would be illogical that plants and fungi and bacteria did not have soles too. this is real a problem I have with vegan/vegetarian moralists, they say it is immoral to take lives, but they are doing it them selves, when eating plants.

The third problem i have is that some people, I know one myself says that personality traits and consciousness are derived from the sole...... yeah, this is something I though myself when i was young and ignorant, but now i see us for what we are, machines, I, you and all the living things all around us are biological machines. Let me prove it for you:
How come people who has had strokes some times have personality changes? and why do we need a brain at all if the sole is what is doing all the calculations that makes up our consciousness? It is just not logical.
What about people who has sufferd from mental brakdows and have no memory of there past self, and has a new set of personality traits? did he lose his sole and got a now one?

Thing about it, and you will start to see the world as I do.

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